Our specialists

All our clinics have both male and female Podiatrists and Physiotherapists from varying religious and cultural backgrounds. We are sensitive and respectful of any cultural and religious circumstances and needs and we can cater for you at all of our clinics with respect to any special requests during the consultation you may have.

Our Podiatrists have studied at University for a minimum of 4 years and some of our Podiatrists are Honours graduates. All of our practitioners continually undertake improvement courses throughout the year, so you can always expect the most appropriate care at all times with the latest in care standards.

Our systems and our link to Medicare

We have an online Claiming and Verification System linked direct to Medicare Australia through computerised Practice Management System which counts down how many Medicare visits you have left with a full and detailed history. This takes the worry out of our clients having to keep track of simple things like claimable visits.

All of our clinics have been fully refurbished and offer a clean, warm and friendly environment with magazines to read, patient information and a patient reminder system. Within our patient services we have access to many sources of information which we can provide to you at any time. We have a network of clinics and practitioners we can refer to for the best advice on your care, all just a telephone call away– even while you wait. This ensures that at all times you can be assured of the best and most appropriate care.

We do not up sell you on products or services, but provide advice with the intent of best practice principles in trust and honesty to help diagnose your condition and devise the most appropriate treatment for the best possible outcome. We want to see you back to full health and maintaining that health long term.

We have a dedicated back office team keeping abreast of all the varying health changes so our team can concentrate on delivering care to you and not worrying about administrative functions.

As one of the largest providers of Podiatry utilising the Medicare EPC Initiative we liaise with over 3200 General Practitioners and comply with all regulatory guidelines.

All of the systems, services and procedures we have in place ensure one thing: The most appropriate, professional and informative podiatry consultation for our client.

Medicare EPC

Diabetics, the elderly, people with Arthritis, sight impairment, frailty or a number of other conditions deemed chronic can speak to their Doctor about a Care Plan and Medicare Enhanced Primary Care referral to allied health.  Medicare will pay for up to 5 allied health consultations in a calendar year.  We Bulk Bill EPC referred patients with no gap payment cost to you.  We do this in house so you do not need to visit a Medicare office to claim.  We do this for you.  This also ensures your health is cared for by a professional at all times.  Your Doctor will advise if you are deemed eligible under Medicare guidelines.