Preventative Aged Foot Care and Your Podiatrist

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We all grow older and with that comes benefits like wisdom, experience and maturity. But unfortunately as we age so does our body and things can and do go ‘wrong’.  Getting older doesn’t have to mean being unprepared for potential health complications and just like you would visit your GP for a check-up, having regular preventative Podiatry consultations is worthwhile to detect such things as early onset diabetes which can afflict us as we age.

So why is it important to get our feet checked regularly especially as we age (or as those we care about age):

  • There is a greater chance of getting infections and having inflammatory conditions as well as skin disorders.
  • As we age, the probability of developing foot related issues rises, so preventative checks help ensure we catch them if they are developing before they become serious.
  • Once we get over the age of 75 and still walking the incidence of developing foot problems greatly increases.
  • As we age, it becomes more difficult for us to do self-examination and general foot care, due to decreased vision, ability to reach the feet, bend, strength etc, so we need to use a professional to do it for us.
  • Studies show that as we age, a percentage of the population avoids seeking the advice of a professional when symptoms develop, so we need to ensure those we care about do get preventative care.

Other health conditions that develop with age can also affect and cause problems in the feet and therefore a Podiatry consultation for the older population is critical as we look for/check:

  • Neurological and vascular disorders – ie blood flow to the feet, sensitivity in the foot, feeling in the feet, pulse etc.
  • Structure and function of the joints and neuromuscular function in the foot
  • Assess any pain.
  • Check existing footwear and advice if needed to change.
  • How daily activities work with the current functional ability of the feet, their condition, adjustments that may need to be undertaken, preventative measures etc.
  • Check of nails and trimming to prevent potential circulatory problems, ingrown nails.

Don’t leave your foot care to chance. A GP is great, but they aren’t trained to detect the potential foot problems that can afflict us (that’s why we have Podiatrists). A regular Podiatry check-up is just as critical as regular GP check-ups and often forgotten about. This is even more critical for us as we age. So ensure you or those you care about plan to visit your podiatrist regularly. They will tell you how often you need to visit, and ensure your feet stay as good as they can. At Podiatry Clinics, we can perform aged care consultations in all our clinics, but we also have a specialist centre in Prahran from where we organise in home services for aged care.

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